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What is Q-flow

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to speed up your business processes

Time-saving and user-friendly, Q-flow is a platform which enables companies to boost efficiency by automating their processes.



Start your processes and follow up on them.



Design processes in the Business Process Web Designer.



Manages permissions and configures the organizational model.



Manage, configure and monitor the system and its operation.
About the tool

What is Q-flow for?

Here’s what a BPM tool like Q-flow allows you to do:


The user can draw a process during his survey meetings. No technical knowledge is required to do so. And the simplicity in which the controls are presented allows the process to be drawn very quickly and flexibly.


After designing the next step is to describe the roles involved and the activities to be performed, as well as the integrations with other systems.

Set up

Each activity, event and gateway is then configured so that the drawn process is transformed into a system. Through the website, email or cell phone, each user can initiate processes, respond to tasks and receive reminders and alerts.

Control & Measure

Q-flow generates traceability of every action performed in the system. With this information we can build powerful dashboards where we can analyze the information and take immediate actions.


Q-flow allows the creation of new versions of the processes that can be adjusted to the contextual changes and specific demands of the organization in general or of the area in particular.

About the tool

A tool to do your job in a simple and smart way

Today companies large or small need to manage the extremely difficult balance between business innovation and operational excellence.

To resolve this conflict we created Q-flow to help your organization achieve its objectives efficiently in a constantly changing environment.

Using Q-flow you can give your processes:

Customized business solutions

Q-flow ha demostrado ser una herramienta exitosa para superar ineficiencias operacionales para organizaciones del sector público y privado.

Hoy el vértigo de la competencia en distintos rubros impone la necesidad de contar con procesos colaborativos que conectan los puntos entre los datos operacionales y los automatice. Contar con una herramienta cloud la hace dinámica, eficiente y económica.

Procesos de compras o de adquisiciones

Procesos de calidad

Procesos de reclamos y quejas

Procesos comerciales


for designing processes

(**) This can take just a few minutes, configuring data and participating roles, or several hours if the process is complex, such as having integrations with other services or databases.

in assigning and delegating tasks

systems integration

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